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Habits Of Super Happy Couples


Habits of super happy couples - spiritual minded

A Happy Couple 'perfect couple' that comes together but an imperfect couple that learns to enjoy each other's differences and works together every day to create something special. A healthy relationship requires effort and care to endures and evolve in ways that keep both partners fulfilled.

Forming a trusting and positive partnership takes effort and time. And unfortunately, it doesn't just happen overnight. For any relationship to grow strong and stay strong, you need to put in some work. Below are some habits that happy couples have but never talk about.

They practice self-care as individuals:

Relationships don't create joy, they reflect it. Joy comes from within. Relationships are simply  mirrors of the combined joy that two people have as individuals. What you see in the mirror is what you see in your relationships. Your disappointments in your partner often reflect your acceptance of yourself. Thus, the first step to having a healthy relationship with someone else is to have a healthy relationship with yourself.

They stand together and refuse to let outsiders call the shots: Don't let outsiders run your relationship for you. If you're having an issue with your partner, work it out with them and no one else. It's our duty and ours alone, to decide if a relationship is right for us. If you and your partner both agree that it is right, it is it's worth working on, together.

They respect their relationship

 As being a unique, incomparable bond: Don't compare your relationship to anyone else's - not your parent's, friend's, co-worker's or that random couple whose relationship seems perfect. Every couple makes their own love rules, love agreements and love habits. Just focus in what you two share and make your unique bond the best it can be. And keep in mind that all relationships have their ups and downs they do not ride at a continuous blissful high. Working together through the hard times will make your relationship stronger in the end.

They accept each other, without trying to change each other:

 The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated as is. Sometimes we try to be sculptors, Constantly carving out of our significant others the image of what we want them to be -what we think we need, love or desire. The foundation of love is to let those we care about be unapologetically themselves and to not distort them to fit our own egotistical ideas of who they should be. Instead of trying to change your partner, give them your support and grow together.

They make uninterrupted time for each other: 

If you neglect your relationship, your relationship will neglect you too. With busy schedules we often forget to relax and enjoy the great company we have. In relationships distance is not  measured in miles but in affection. Two people can be right next to each other and yet miles apart. So don't ignore the one you love because lack of concern often hurts more than angry words.

They say what they mean and mean what they say to each other : 

Your partner is not a mind reader. Share your thoughts. Give them the information they need rather than expecting them to know the unknowable. The more that remains unspoken, the greater the risk problems. Start communicating clearly. Don't try to read their mind and don't make then try to read yours. Most problems, big and small, within a relationship, start with bad communication.

They practice the golden rule in their relationship: 

In a healthy relationship, you get what you put in. You get nothing less and nothing more. There is no room for selfishness. If you want love, give love. If you want to see a smile, give a smile. Don't concerned with who's right; be concerned with loving and being loved, caring and being cared for.

They review and discuss their goals and dreams often : 

For couples, it's two against the world. Having regular discussions with each other about goals, dreams, passions and the future, in a way that's positive and inspiring, will not only bring you closer together but will also bring your collective desires closer to reality.

They tame their anger the minute they feel heated: 

Heated arguments are a waste. Your partner doesn't have to be wrong for you to be right. There are many roads to what's right. And most of the time it just doesn't matter that much. When you feel anger surging up and you want to yell that vulgar remark on the tip of your tongue, just close your mouth and walk away. Don't  let your anger get the best of you. Give yourself some time to calm down and then gently discuss the situation.

They make daily sacrifices for each other:

 intimate bonds are tied with true love and true love involves attention, awareness, discipline, effort and being able to care about someone and sacrifice for them, continuously, in countless petty little ways, everyday. You put your arms around them and love them regardless, even when they're not very lovable. And of course they do the same for you. If you want to know what a healthy relationship is, it's one where two people wake up every morning and say, " This is worth it. I am happy you are in my life". It's about sacrifice. It's about knowing that some days you will have to do things you dislike to make the one you love smile and feeling perfectly delighted to do so.

Negotiate and compromise on joint matter

Since people's needs are fluid and change over time and life itself demands change too, the inner workings of good relationships are negotiated and re-negotiated all the time. And oftentimes a two-way compromise is the best solution.

They respect each other's humanness

Even the happiest couples on earth are still just two humans. And all humans are imperfect. At times, the confident lose confidence; the patient misplaces their patience and the generous act selfish. It happens to the best of us. We make mistakes, we lose our tempers and we get caught off guard. We stumble, we slip and we spin out of control sometimes. But that's the worst of it; we all have our moments, most of the time we're remarkable. so stand beside the one you love through their trying times of imperfection. If you aren't willing to, you really don't deserve to be around for their perfect moments either.

Super Happy Couple - Spiritual Minded 
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