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Characteristics of a good neighbour

Characteristics Of A Good Neighbor

Characteristics of a good neighbor

Characteristics of a good neighbor- spiritual minded

When it comes to apartment living, you'll soon discover the tell-tale signs of good neighbors. 

Ironically, those signs will likely come forth after dealing with your share of bad neighbor. 

Unsure where your neighbors stand ?

Here is a list of characteristics that make good neighbors. 

Good neighbors are quiet

Good neighbors are quiet

Anyone who has ever lived next to noisy neighbours can attest to this.

Good neighbours are aware that there are other people living in the building and keep noise to a minimum.

They don't scream or blare music or throw parties until late hours in the evening.

They don't slam doors and yell in the hallways.

They show some respect for those around them.

They help when and where they can

helping neighbors

There isn't a rule stating that good neighbours should lend a helping hand but in general, they do.

Good neighbours let you borrow a key to the downstairs laundry room when you've misplaced yours.

Good neighbours will team up with you to speak with the landlord about a maintenance issue in the common stairwell.

Good neighbours respect the building

Good neighbors respect the building

Anyone who leaves garbage or junk in the hallways, in the parking lot or in other common areas is not a good neighbour.

Good neighbours show common courtesy and regularly take out their trash and keep shared and public areas clean.

Good neighbours are trustworthy

Good neighbours are trustworthy

You want to feel safe knowing packages, mail and items left behind in the laundry room will not be stolen.

With good neighbours, you shouldn't have to worry.

Ultimately while you can choose your neighbours.

Do your research before moving into a new apartment.

Good neighbours will make a world of difference in how much you enjoy apartment living.


You can find good neighbors from their characteristics . Here is Characteristics Of A Good Neighbor.

Good neighbors are quiet

They help when and where they can

Good neighbors respect the building

Good neighbors are trustworthy.

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