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Are you dealing with the loss of a partner?

Are you dealing with the loss of a partner?

There are no hard and fast rules about how to mourn but the following thoughtful advice can really help you, to find your way through the trauma of losing your significant other.

To start with, there may be many details and formalities that are keeping you busy enough that you still haven't come face to face with the grief. But because this time will come, here are things you should bear in mind to help you 

Eat right

Because we often think of eating as a social joy, suddenly having to eat alone puts many of us off both cooking and eating well at all. One thing you can do is make a new habit of eating with the radio or TV switched on. Research healthy eating and recipe books at your local  library or on the internet, to try and stimulate your interest too.

Join a grief support group

Somehow, we can often bear our burdens better when we know someone else is carrying the same weight. For this reason, many people find great comfort in attending local groups centered around grieving, whether at hospitals, religious communities or local agencies. There msy even be online support groups you can rely on too.

Talk things over with friends

Your family and friends share your grief but may be afraid of broaching the subject with you. Arrange a time where you can discuss your spouse with them. This can be a joyful  time of memory sharing. Always try to accept their offers of help and company because you may need them more than you think.

Take care of yourself

Grief can really affect your health. Try to remember to exercise, eat well and sleep . Avoid relying on alcohol or tobacco to get you through the pain because these will overburden your health and therefore your mood.

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