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When feeling Depressed

Feeling depressed?

Add movement,light and sound

Feeling depressed can sometimes be alleviated by movement. Turn on fans, a TV or your stereo with some happy music playing. Getting movement going, can get your chi going and that's good for your heart and spirit! Don't forget about for turning on lighting. Realtors know that during a showing, every light in the house should be turned on ( there's that fire element again ). This lifts the energy of the house - and a home with lifted energy id one that's appealing to the owners and buyers.

Keep the light on in the foyer and the living room. Another important area for lighting? The kitchen. This room represents fire and it should never be allowed to go out. Add a small lamp that you keep turned on night and day or small night light on, so that the fire element is always present.
Make a daily practice of ringing a bell in your home to help clear stuck, stagnant energies. Sound cuts through old energies. Start every day day ringing a bell at your front door, going in a clockwise direction and then coming back to the door. Encircle the door three times with the bell and you will have cleared and energised your home.
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