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Ways to transform your energy quickly

Ever felt like your energy is just off ? 

Sometimes we all slip into a negative or funky mood for no apparent reason. Changing your energy can change what shows up in your life - and how you react when it does. Try one of these quick and simple actions the next time you need an energy reboot: 

 Clean up

straightening up and cleansing your environment can quickly clear your energy, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Observe the feelings of calm and satisfaction that come over you once a room is tidy. Our energy body can mimic or mirror the energy around it, so if you are in a cluttered or chaotic space, it could be negatively affecting you, especially if you are sensitive.

Listen to scared music

Why can music instantly change your mood? Because it creates such a strong emotional reaction in humans. Put on something that gets you in touch with the eternal nature  of life or your soul. You might turn on an internet radio station and have the Universe send you a special song as a sign.

Go outside

 If you can stroll through or sit in a bit of nature, you can tune unto into the trees and rocks to clear your energy. Walking or sitting in a light breeze is a great way to clear your energy as your skin is very connected to your energy body - think of the wind gently cleansing you as it washes across your face. It will definitely help you to cleanse your energy.

 Ask a spirit guide to change your energy

 If you are sad or angry and need to express or process the emotion, do so. But if you are just dealing with a funky mood or an emotional reaction to something minor that seems to linger, ask an angel or spirit guide to change your energy. Close your eyes and feel the loving presence of one of your guardian angels as they clear out the funk.

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