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Are you in Search of happiness ?

WHAT STOPS US from living a happy life ? More often than not it's the psychological barriers, a negative mindset and a narrow mind.

One inspiring thing we can do to alleviate our mood and break the vicious circle is to read classical, science fiction and religious books. We've selected few of things worth pondering over.

Happiness is a result of a well-organised life:
Joy, success and happiness are a result of well-organised life. This concept maintains that in order to reach these sensations and state, you need to do things. On the contrary, if your goal is to reach these side effects, you most probably never will do so, since happiness and success aren't things that you just get.
How can anyone help you if you are not doing anything yourself? A person is defined by their actions, words are impalpable. You can't expect help from others, without having made the effort yourself. 
For instance, if you just tell people you are going to write a book, you can't expect to get help if you haven't begun the process yourself. But when you finally decide to write a book and take a copy to an editor, you will find people who are ready to support you.

Hard feelings disappear when you become successful: 
Grudges tend to form because we are unsatisfied with ourselves. When we hold a grudge against someone, we think that the only person who can fix it is the person we are upset at. So, start by doing what you love and work to become successful at it. At that moment, you will notice all your grudges disappear.

Look for the right path instead of the straight path : 
Bear in mind that the right path may not always be straight. While we sometimes wish and hope that life is smooth sailing, it's not always aa simple as a straight line. Consider this example: Imagine that you are on the 30th floor and you need to go down. The fastest way is to go through the window. But the wiser choice will be to take the elevator or the stairs.

A goal sharpens the vision:
Our attention is limited. This means that our minds only begin to notice the things that we need. This is what usually happens when we seat a goal. Settings a goal is very much like setting the focus on a camera. If you set it wrong, you won't see what you really need. The more you strain to force pleasure into your life, the less happy you feel. Rather than artificially manufacturing a situation to make happiness, try to allow it to enter your life.

Happiness is what you want
 People are generally torn in different directions. They feel that they must but don't want to or they want to but are unable to do so. But all a person truly needs to do is to develop themselves, everything else. The things you want to do should be regulated by the things you must do and what you can do is a force that moves the entire system. Focusing on these three directions will help you sort your goals and values properly.

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